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   Determined to  Learn and  Develop

     Donald Lee Dowridge, Jr. 

known throughout as The Motivational Guru continues on the track of

empowering those who seek to move up to their next dimension.

 "Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict."

- William E. Channing - 


Headquartered in Tampa, Florida,

DLD is a nationally recognized and innovative motivational consulting firm specializing in strategic empowering, and building hope.

DLD was Awarded 2013 Presidential Award (Outsatnding Achievements), 2013 African American Authors Award for "THE POWER OF BEING A W-I-N-N-E-R,"  On Que 2013 Father of The Year to include invitation into Cambridge Who's Who as a Honored Member. 

Awarded for bravery from the Hillsborough County Sheriff DepartmentAwards received consist of the prestigious Business & Professional Network Gold Medal Award and recognition by many notable organizations.

Established in 1992, DLD coached many to release their true purpose to a much happier life. To seek the benefits of basking in a full basket of harvest and enjoyment. The result in blending passion and optimism into a higher level of commitment continues to be committment for DLD.  Connecting and impacting lives by bringing to fruition visualize Goals (fillfillment), Choices (personal & professional), Health (nutrition), and Wealth (financial).             

The sum? Be prepared for the outcome!!

DLD provides a quintessence for G. L. E. A. M. ( Gratitude, Latitude, Educational, Accredit,and Motivational).

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Motivational GURU
Donald L. Dowridge, Jr.


Keynote Speaker, Self-Improvement Consultant, Mentor, Facilitator, Instructor, Self-Published Author, Actor & Innovator!
One can use either or all of these titles to describe Mr. Donald L. Dowridge, Jr.  Twenty-Eight (28) Years of experience in the public and private sectors have allowed this Guru to embark upon many lives and help change a generations by giving a positive vision to of prosperity.  Dowridge who endured greater hardship then many can acclaim to have, come through many rough situations that labeled him the most unwanted in his foster homes and as a student in Turners Station Elementary(Baltimore, now defunct) and Dundalk Elementary(Baltimore, Md.), P.S. 146, J.H.S. 120(South Bronx), Evander Childs High School(North Bronx), and Hillsborough High School(Tampa, Florida).

In order to make such a positive impact on today's society, Dowridge would have to carved, weaved, and puzzled his way through a tumultuous child, youth, and early adult existence. He filtered his way through the harshness of child abuse, gangwarfare, incarceration, drug and alcohol abuse, and most importantly, overcome major sidelining issues with himself to stand ever so tall this day. He finally got his High School Diploma and today he has a Degree in Business Marketing. Dowridge with honesty gives these remarks about champion his educational quest. "Many times in the mist of accomplishing this feat, it was very challenging and it took me to levels that I was not preprared to travel to. Looking back it is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life!" 
Dowridge has been cited by numerous outstanding organizations as a leading youth and adult empowerment speaker who possesses the ability to capture the attention of people as a whole and keep it real! With that in mind, Dowridge humor and infectious enthusiasm can convert an audience of sluggish skeptics into people rejuvenated by awareness of their own potential. He inspires others as he generates success that transcend mediocrity, no matter what life places in our path.
Dowridge's lectures / seminars consistently draw major attention throughout the country. He lectures at churches of various denominations, elementary, middle, high schools, and colleges/universities. This includes addressing professional groups / organizations, and many businesses.
What sets Mr. Donald L. Dowridge, Jr. apart from a crowded pack of motivational speakers? He is a remarkable and powerful presenter who is very humous, entertaining, knowledgeable, compassionate, dramatic and most of all, offers a message that is very powerful.




Youth / Children, Empowerment, Leadership, Stress, Performance Improvement, Attitude, Change, Conflict Resolution, Foster Care, Youth Gangs, Positive Parenting, Overcoming Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Self-Esteem, Resilience, and Motivation.
Fee: $1,500-$4,000